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Smooth migration for your family or your employees

"...our aim is to ensure a very smooth migrating experience that includes the whole package" - founding director Gerrit Jansen van Rensburg


Immigration is a very emotional process that causes angst and uncertainty. 

Our staff at Soft Landing Migrations experienced the complete process of moving to Australia and has personal experience of how daunting the whole process can be. 

We will evaluate your unique circumstances, advise you of all the different options to obtain the correct visa, assist you throughout the entire visa process, and ensure a Soft Landing in Australia. 



At Soft Landing Migrations we understand the need for fast efficient processing and the need to stand by the applicant in order to expedite the whole migration process. We will look after your staff and ensure they can "hit the ground running. 


  • Evaluate your circumstances

  • Advice on different options

  • Correct VISA selection

  • Provide guidance and assistance with the entire visa process 

  • ​Ensure a Soft Landing in Australia

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